Craft Your Path Collection:

Some special items we created for LYS Day and the Yarn Crawl. These are all about the process and intentionality of crafting. 


* Craft Your Path Yarn Journey Kit: these hand-dyed yarns were inspired by the accompanying notecards which celebrate crafting a less traditional kind of path in life. You can create the accompanying pattern of a hooded capelet for yourself or someone in your life you want to celebrate for the path they have chosen. Or make whatever else inspires you.

* Border Crossings Kit: This project encourages the knitter to intentionally consider questions about border crossings, thresholds, changes in identity, and experiences of the immigrant. As well as the guides and resources needed for those crossings. Speaking of resources: All proceeds of sales of the Border Crossings kit will go to Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Acción (CIMA) which "connects, strengthens and organizes communities to take action for immigrants’ rights in Western North Carolina."

* Holiday Cookie Calendar Yarn Box: we will begin taking pre-orders for this limited edition item on April 30. Discount until May 31. Pre-Orders close end of June. This box will shipped or picked up in mid-late November. It is an opportunity to join your loves of yarn and baking as you craft your path through the holidays!

* Dr. Knit & Prof Purl's Survival Guide & Tool Box: This humorous (but useful) guide and box of tools is an opportunity to lean in to the crafting process and all its messiness and mistake making. We learn from our mistakes and craft a better path than ever in the process!