All Yarn

All the yarns we carry. Enjoy! THIS COLLECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 

Please note that you can search by weights, fiber content, etc.

Or you can use these narrowed Collections:

  • Purl's Hand-Dyed Yarns
  • Locally Sourced and/or Dyed Yarns
  • USA sourced Yarns
  • Sock Yarn: yarn that is good for socks (i.e. includes nylon); this collection does not include all sock/fingering weight yarns. Just yarns that are specifically made for socks (including some thicker weight yarns).
  • Washable Yarn: all yarn that is machine washable (i.e. won't felt if go through washing machine; though we always highly recommend laying flat to dry.
  • Non-Animal Fiber Yarns: all cottons and yarns that have no animal fibers (i.e. no wool, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, etc.)
  • Yarns Organized by Weight:
    * Lace Weight Yarns
    * Sock/Fingering Weight Yarns
    * Sport/DK Yarns
    * Worsted/Aran Yarns
    * Chunky/Bulky Yarns
    * Super Bulky Yarns
  • Yarns by Brand